Reinventing Your Life: Success Self-Programming (Digital Download)

Reinventing Your Life: Success Self-Programming (Digital Download)

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Many people suffer the effects of negative programming from the past that result in “failure patterns” that seem impossible to break. Careful listening of this recording will allow you to take charge of YOUR life and get what YOU want! You will learn how to:
  • Program your brain like a computer to achieve specific results.
  • Utilize eight specific techniques for making “it” happen.
  • Create new patterns that enable you to succeed in any area of your life.

The techniques are as simple as they are powerful – and they can change your life – FOREVER.

What you get:
Includes Two Success Self-Programming Audio MP3 files and one Transcript pdf.

    Reinventing Your Life: Success Self-Programming is a live recording of Lee Milteer's seminar program called Success Self-Programming, A Guide for Self-Transformation.

    "Without doubt of all the self improvement programs I have ever heard this one is without doubt the one that has the most impact on me. The wisdom you offer is life changing for me. I have never felt more enthusiastic about my future than right now. Your advise was just what I needed right now to take charge of my life and future again. I will always be in your debt."

    Peggy Mellot


    "I wanted to let you know that your DVD of Reinventing Your Life
    Was not only enchaining with humor, incredible information, but it inspired me to stop being reactive to life and to actually make some big decisions and changes in my life and profession. I have released some of my unproductive behaviors by using the secrets for programming myself for success. This Self-Programming information is new to me and I am thrilled with my results in the 30 days I have been using it. I can give you credit to the fact that I have actually motivated myself to go to the gym and I have lost 7 pounds since I have changed my negative self talk and imagined myself thinner!! Bless you! With the tools I feel I can do anything I want in this world."

    -Esther Fanney


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