Overcoming Unproductive Behaviors (Digital Download)

Overcoming Unproductive Behaviors (Digital Download)

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How are Your Bad Habits-Unproductive Behaviors Jeopardizing Your Relationships, Self–Esteem, Health, Weight, Financial Security, Happiness and More? Learn the Secret to Taking Control of Your Life Again!

This is the Digital Download version, which contains everything found in the physical version of the product!

The Overcoming Unproductive Behaviors System is Scientifically Proven to Eliminate the Behaviors that keep You from Growing Your Income & Long-term Wealth – or Becoming the Person You Truly Want to Be. This Life & Business FREEDOM Program includes:

Guides in PDF form:

  • Quick Start Guide
  • Action Plan: How to Create Results in Overcoming Your Unproductive Behaviors
  • Overcoming Unproductive Behaviors Play Plan Workbook
  • 101 Declarations to Empower Your Life
  • Supplemental Report: "Lifetime Learners"

Audio Segments – 8 MP3 files, with PDF Transcripts covering:
  • How to Create Positive Habits
  • Overcoming Unproductive Behaviors 
  • Creating Profitable Business Habits 
  • Shedding Clutter and Distractions for Profit 


  • “Reinvent Your Life – Success Self-Programming” 2 audio downloads ($64.50 value!

How are Your Bad Habits/Unproductive Behaviors Jeopardizing Your Relationships, Self–Esteem, Health, Weight, Financial Security, Happiness and More?

Examples of Bad Habits/ Unproductive Behaviors:

  • Eating Out of Boredom or Stress
  • Letting Others Overstep Personal Boundaries
  • Spending Too Much Money
  • Neglecting Yourself
  • Stressing-out and Over-working
  • Saying “Yes” When You Want to Say “No”
  • Negative Thinking
  • Procrastination and Tardiness
  • Losing Your Temper
  • Not Taking Care of Your Body
  • Blaming Others for Your Problems
  • Not Spending Time with Loved Ones
  • Smoking
  • Being a Compulsive Shopper
  • Biting Your Nails
  • Losing Things

WHAT IF you finally had the energy to shed these habits and use them to do the things you’d love to do? The truth is all Bad Habits/Unproductive Behaviors drain you of motivation, time, money, and a great life. The GOOD NEWS is, it isn’t your fault! You can EASILY CHANGE your bad habits. Learn why you have them, where they come from and how you can change them, using an EASY step-by-step process to unload bad habits for good.

"Thank you for your program on Overcoming Unproductive Behaviors. My sales staff had really lost marketing shares in our territory due to bad working habits, poor time management, poor organizational skills, procrastination and other profit-losing habits. You had a pretty tough audience with us and you did an excellent job for our sales force helping them move past their old programming and creating a new plan of action. As you know, the competition in New York City is fierce but your secrets for OVERCOMING UNPRODUCTIVE BEHAVIORS were very helpful. Our sales people need all the self-esteem help they can get. We have noticed, since your program, a twenty-five percent increase in sales volume."

-David L Payne, VP, Copies for You. New York


"After listening to Lee on the OVERCOMING UNPRODUCTIVE BEHAVIORS program, I was able to see my job, my life and myself in a different light. I have been challenged to 'seize' the personal and professional opportunities that are available to me and take advantage of them. I have released the need to act on several negative habits such as overspending, mismanagement of time, and the most important one of all, I quit smoking and even lost a few pounds that I had not expected to lose! This is the only program that has actually given me the tools, motivation and a system to root out what was causing me to have bad habits. I am proud to say that you gave me the "tomorrow Awareness of my behaviors" and that changed my life forever."  You are my Hero—THANK YOU!"

-Dr. Janice Strong, Vermont

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