Smarts® Club Program Own Your Freedom (Digital Download)

Smarts® Club Program Own Your Freedom (Digital Download)

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Lee Milteer uncovers valuable insights and practical advice for entrepreneurs and business owners alike in this powerful interview with the provocative Dan Kennedy and visionary investment strategist Dr. David Phelps, authors of Own Your Freedom, Sustainable Wealth for a Volatile World.

What you'll learn:

  • How to de-mystify and de-intimidate the Business of Your Money, and take charge of your financial life
  • How to "Get Right" with money
  • How to Own Your Freedom in good times and bad
  • The Acceleration Secret to escape from Financial Prison
  • The 90-Day Experiment that could change your relationship with money forever
  • The power of "Before You Are Ready"

Featured as part of the Millionaire Smarts® Club membership program in Jan. 2022, this remarkable, hour-long discussion with Messrs. Kennedy & Phelps is now available here (without a Smarts® Club subscription!) as part of the Smarts® Club Program Series. 

What you'll get with this digital download:

  • Lee Milteer Interviews Dan Kennedy & Dr. David Phelps video & audio files (1hr 11min)
  • Lee Milteer Interviews Dan Kennedy & Dr. David Phelps transcript (PDF)
  • 5 Reports based on excerpts from the book Own Your Freedom (PDFs)
  • 6 Reports on various important, related business topics from Smarts Club Faculty Coaches (PDFs)
  • Lee Milteer's Bonus Training: Necessary Mind Shifts for Implementing & Delegation video & audio files (1hr 3min)
  • Lee Milteer's Bonus Training: Reclaim Your Personal Power video & audio files (1hr 23min)

Note: Once purchased, it will take several minutes for you to download this Zip file, as it contains several large files packed with valuable insights you can use to leverage and monetize your assets and potentials.