Manifesting With Vision Boards to Live Bigger and Dream Bigger

Manifesting With Vision Boards to Live Bigger and Dream Bigger

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This is your Hands-On Guide to Manifesting the things you want in your life and business with the use of Vision Boards and Mental Rehearsal.

Here’s what you get:

  • 2-part 65 page Guide: Part 1 provides you with an overview of using vision boards. In part 2, you’ll find reminders, strategies, and exercises that will help you get the most of your vision board experience.
  • 60-Minute Audio CD.
  • CD with color and black and white Vision board words (that you can size, color, change, and reprint for future use) and an MP3 of the audio.

This Play Book-style Program includes:

    • Wealth Creation-Important questions to ask yourself in order to create wealth.
    • The Scientific and Proven Reasons Why Visual Images and Vision Boards Work.
    • The Power of Intentions.
    • Understanding Visualization, Mental Rehearsal, Future Picturing.
    • Using the Law of Attraction.
    • Live Bigger, Dream Bigger: Identify what You REALLY want in life.
    • How to Meditate.
    • Why Affirmations Work.
    • The Formula for Making and Using Affirmations.
    • Strategies and Timing for Using Affirmations.
    • Affirmation Examples.
    • Previewing: Scripting for Success.
    • Goal Setting for Success: The Secrets to Success.

Goal Starter Ideas.

  • Instructions for making Your Vision Board.
  • Assembling Your Vision Board.