Intuition: The New Common Sense (Digital Download)

Intuition: The New Common Sense (Digital Download)

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Intuition: The New Common Sense will give you the confidence and awareness to manifest more profitable results in your business and life. This system is a must-have for anyone who wants to move past traditional thinking to reduce stress, be more aware, and create more success and profits.

If you want more prosperity, creative solution thinking, peace of mind, and more success in everything you do with less hassle, you want to develop your most important skill, intuition. The most successful people on earth are highly intuitive. Because they listen to their inner wisdom, they know the right timing to make decisions. Our current culture has not taught us about using instinct and intuition.

Here's what’s included:

  • Two (2) 1-Hour-Long Intuition Coaching MP3 files with Lee Milteer, including accompanying transcripts
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Decision-Making Self-Assessment
  • 84-Page Guide with Practical Exercises where you’ll learn:
    • Shortcuts to Getting Acquainted with Your Intuition
    • Exercises to Kick Start Your Intuition
    • Shortcuts to Applying Intuition
    • Exercises for Developing and Using Intuition
  • Intuition Survival Guide: Quick Tips and Reminders for Using Intuition

"Lee has an amazing way of making a topic like intuition, and all of the other amazing things she teaches, seem down to earth and applicable.  While others seem to make this topic a sort of hard to absorb and "out there" topic, Lee brings it it to usable form.  Simple to use strategies that are applicable to our day-to-day lives is what we all want and Lee does just that in this program. 

Call it what you want... your intuition, following your gut, instincts, spirit, or whatever... just apply the things Lee talks about in this program and watch your live, your business and your income soar."

- Diane Conklin; Complete Marketing Systems


"Success is all about making the right decisions… as quickly as possible. The better our decision making the greater our success.  Lee Milteer's "INTUITION - The New Common Sense" teaches us how to tap into a powerful resource that each of us have but few know how to use to better our position in life. Lee proves once again why she is the master of the Inside Game. Go with your Gut Feeling and devour Lee's program… now!"

- Charlie McDermott; GKIC Marketer of the Year; Speaker, Author, Creator of Snap2Videosm & Host of Stand Out Tv


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